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Description :-

  • Suction capacity: Get rid of the toxic impurities and keep your kitchen odour and oil-free with Kutchina Cresta DLX BK chimney. The chimney efficiently sucks the toxic fumes and odour out of your kitchen, keeping it spotless and fresh. The filterless chimney has a suction capacity of 1300±50 m³/h capacity. The powerful motor removes all the traces of grime and fumes within seconds.
  • Size: Known for its superior suction, the 60 cm chimney is ideal for a compact kitchen. 
  • Layout type: Ideal for small to medium-sized kitchens, the chimney is designed to keep your kitchen clean and non-sticky without taking too much space. 
  • i-Autoclean technology: Equipped with i-Autoclean technology, the chimney allows touch-free cleaning. The intelligent sensors in the chimney senses when does the appliance needs cleaning and accordingly, it schedules one. This completely eliminates the manual work of cleaning. 
  • Efficiency: Loaded with top-notch features, the kitchen chimney performs with utmost precision. After installing this chimney, grime-covered cabinets, walls, and ceilings will become a thing of the past. This chimney ensures a spotless and odour-free kitchen.
  • Illumination type: The LED lamp of the kitchen chimney efficiently illuminates the kitchen countertop while cooking. Highly energy efficient, this lamp is designed to consume low power while enhancing your culinary experience.
  • Lower noise levels: To ease your kitchen chores, the motor in the chimney is designed to operate at a low noise level. 
  • Speed control: This chimney comes three speeds — low, medium and high. You can choose the suction capacity as per what you are cooking. 
  • Switch control: The chimney comes with an easy-to-use touch control panel. You can easily adjust the speed illuminate the hob area. 
  • Aesthetics: This elegant kitchen chimney is not just packed with an array of advanced features, but it also looks attractive. This well-crafted chimney will take the style quotient of your kitchen several notches higher. The black toughened glass finish is timeless. 
  • Warranty: This technologically-advanced chimney comes with a lifetime warranty on the motor.

Technical information:-

Illumination type: LED Lamp
Illumination Power: 1 X max 3W
Auto Clean type: Intelligent Auto Clean
Autoclean Power(W): 100 W
Total Power(W): 303 W
SUCTION(m3/h): 1300±50m³/Hr
Noise Level(dBA): 58 dB
Speed Control: 3
Switch Control: Touch Control
Outlet Diameter(mm): 150mm

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SERVICE CENTRE CONTACT NUMBER     : 0824 4114138, 7795214858
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MRP : Rs 35990.00

Discounted Price : Rs 32390.00